The PS-CCE units are considered the most advanced solution for air conditioning in technological applications such as server farms, UMTS and GSM transmitter amplifier rooms, computer rack cooling, control rooms, power electronic equipment and, in general, wherever thermal loads are extremely high. The panels hinged in such a way as to grant access exclusively from the front, the most modern technical solutions and the best components guarantee our air conditioners maximum versatility and the highest reliability in the most critical applications.

These systems are usually designed with a high degree of redundancy (to ensure continuous cooling even during programmed maintenance); for this reason, the PS-CCE precision air conditioners are already arranged to manage a cyclic redundancy up to 12 units.

Available in the air-cooled version (Mod. PS-CCE) with connection to a remote condenser, or the water-cooled version (mod. PS-CCWE) with connection to a water system (chiller unit or evaporative tower).

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