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Ceiling hydronic terminal unit

PS-CL ceiling chilled water cassette units, thanks to their modern design, setting flexibility, easy maintenance and maximum silencerepresent the result of accurate researches in order to achieve an innovative product, perfect for every surrounding and interior design.
They respond to the multiple aesthetic and functional needs. The dimensions fit in the false-ceiling panels modularity. There are many versions available: with electronically commutated EC motor, with ABS plastic panel, metal panel with Coanda effect, panels with different RAL colours, version with 4-rows coil that allows to reach much more efficiency by increasing the capacity up to 20% more.

We continue with the recent higher versions mod.PS-CLH projected in such a way as to allow condensation to drain naturally, by avoiding the installation of a condensate pump, the new silenced version mod. PS-CLES with installation of a special low-speed motor that allows to significantly reduce the noise levels, the PS-CLB version suitable for installations over high ceiling or in large environments such as lobbies in the hotels, shopping mall galleries, gyms, airports and these units thanks to a particular panel configuration can guarantee high aeraulic performance while maintaining excellent air diffusion.

To conclude, we are proud to introduce the latest generation of hydronic cassette unit with sanitizing device and the hygienic version ideal for hospital environments, chemical and analysis laboratories which has an higher chassis completely made of stainless steel and includes an anti-allergic insulation and a cataphoresis-treated heat exchanger.

Available range: 2-pipes and 4-pipes system starting from a cooling capacity from 2.39 kW up to 13.49 kW.