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Concealed terminal unit

PS-UWL concealed unit is the traditional fan coil unit to install in the hotels, shops, offices inside wall or in the false-ceiling.

The multiple versions (with several positions of inlet-outlet air) can guarantee the installation on existing structures as well as on new buildings. UWL standard horizontal concealed version – UWLF horizontal concealed version with front air intake- UWLV vertical concealed version – UWLVF vertical concealed version with frontal air intake.

These hydronic terminal units can be equipped with one coil (2 pipes) or two coils (4 pipes).

The version with EC motors is also available in our range mod. PS-UWLE.

Available static pressure up to 50 Pa and 90 Pa for the version with EC motors.

Cooling capacity range from 2,33 kW up to 8,78 kW.