Pompe di calore polivalenti

Multi-purpose air-cooled heat pump units with production of high temperature sanitary water available in 2 or 4 pipe version

Air-water heat pumps suitable to satisfy the heating, cooling and domestic hot water production requirements of residential plants of small and medium size.

Unit for outdoor installation suitable to be applied to radiators plants as well as to fan coil plants and radiant floor plants with a capacity from 6 kW up to 77 kW. On request higher capacities and the version with desuperheaters are available.

The control system allows to manage not only the refrigerant circuit but the whole plant with the possibility to choose different solutions both for the heating and cooling plant and for the domestic hot water management. The possibility of solar panels or other heating sources integration is also available.

All the units are provided with phase sequence and voltage controller device (units with three-phase power supply), outdoor temperature sensor in order to realize the climatic control and remote interface. Efficiency class: A+.

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